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Launch Google with 1 word copied in Shorthand?

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#1 danaj3


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Posted 08 January 2012 - 09:36 AM

It is possible to launch a website from Shorthand with these instructions.

Shortcut to drugs.com, specifically to the MT page where you can look up a drug name phonetically or using a wild card. To create this for yourself, follow these steps:
Click "shortcuts"
Click edit
Click add
Enter the following in the "Dictionary or Program Name" field:
Click shortcut
Simultaneously press ctrl+shift+D
Click OK
Type this in the description field: Drugs.com
Click OK
Click OK again

In Instant Text we can launch a website too.

We can also copy and paste the word(s) to the left or right into Google so that the search for these words is done during the launch. Would this be possible in Shorthand?

The command for this is long but pretty basic if taken apart.

{command}{Ctrl Shift Left}{Ctrl C}{Ctrl Shift Right}{Right}{Launch}C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe\|www.google.com{/Launch}{Wait}1000{/Wait}{Ctrl V}{Enter}

What I was thinking was that maybe there would be a way to create a short for the Google launch in Shorthand and incorporate it into a 2nd command that had the copy and paste command?

Frankly, I have yet to get the first part of this idea to work in Shorthand. Am I doing something wrong or is this not possible?

""C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe\|www.google.com""
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#2 danaj3


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Posted 10 January 2012 - 06:29 PM

I found this in the archives from a very old post so I know the idea is possible but I do not use Word for the platform at work.

FIRST STEP: This must be done before you can use any of the routines below. Go to Tools, Customize, Keyboard. Click on All Commands, then scroll down on the right until you find WebOpenHyperlink. Click on that, then click in the press new shortcut key box and assign the shortcut Ctrl-ALT-Shift-O. (That's a capital o, not a 0.) Click Assign, then Close.

Add the following entry to Shorthand and give it a shortcut if you like.
{@INPUTMSG This will look up the word that is immediately to the left of the cursor on Onelook.com}{@KEY Shift+Ctrl+Left}{@KEY Ctrl+C}{@KEY Shift+Ctrl+Alt+O}www.onelook.com/?w={@KEY Ctrl+V}{@KEY BkSp}&ls=a{@PAUSE 2}{@KEY Enter}{@NOSPACE}

Now put your cursor after the word you want to look up, and type your keyword or shortcut. A new browser window should open with the word already looked up on Onelook.com.

Same deal, only for Google – after you've done the one above, just add the new entry below to Shorthand and give it a different name and shortcut.

{@KEY Shift+Ctrl+Left}{@KEY Ctrl+C}{@KEY Shift+Ctrl+Alt+O} FHYPERLINK "http://www.google.co...?hl=en&q={@KEY" Fhttp://www.google.co...h?hl=en&q={@KEY Ctrl+V}{@PAUSE 1}{@KEY Enter}{@NOSPACE}

To use this, select the phrase in the Word document that you want to look up and type Ctrl-C to copy, THEN run the entry above.

Option 2 – with Input.

{@INPUTMSG This will search Google with whatever you type in the input box.}{@KEY Shift+Ctrl+Alt+O} FHYPERLINK "
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#3 bad007


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Posted 10 November 2013 - 09:01 AM

Have you guys tried Google Desktop, it makes the indexes and also from just pressing Ctrl twice it Pop Ups and you can use google or either your Index for search.

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