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anterior, posterior, lateral, medial, caudal, etc.

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#1 Harrie



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Posted 16 February 2006 - 07:03 AM

This is what I really plan to work on next. I have loads of abbreviations, but have never had many for phrases like "anterior knee pain," "posterior neck pain," etc. Well, the Grow method is so perfect for these. So they will come. And you can see how it would produce big time-saving results. I guess my only sorrow is that I never considered that method of first three letters, then a letter for each following word, until it was posted here. And for some phrases, I continue to think other methods are best. I guess I'm a mix of a lot of systems. Having had lbp for low back pain forever, I find it so easy to just use lowbp now for lower back pain instead. And, anyway, I think I can get a lot of mileage out of adopting the method for these directional type words. Maybe I'll post a good list when I have a lot of them! Maybe some of you already have a good list, eh? Share if so!


#2 georg


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Posted 16 February 2006 - 10:53 AM

lbpa - lower back pain
bpa - back pain
ba - back
loba - lower back
to go with the lbp

The directionals, I admit, I have some trouble with.
antlat - anterolateral
antlaty - anterolaterally
pstlat - posterolateral
pstlaty - posterolaterally

Those I have. But most of the rest of the combinations? not so much.
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#3 14tonks



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Posted 16 February 2006 - 11:38 AM

antr = anterior
posr = posterior
sepl = septal
latl = lateral
apil = apical
basl = basal
infr = inferior
supr = superior
antspl = anteroseptal
antbsl = anterobasal
antltl = anterolateral
infapl = inferoapical
infspl = inferoseptal
infltl = inferolateral
infbsl = inferobasal
posltl = posterolateral

anty = anteriorly
posy = posteriorly
latly = laterally
infy = inferiorly
supy = superiorly


#4 Babs


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Posted 16 February 2006 - 11:44 AM

I don't have many with the particular anatomy such as anterior knee pain either. Here is some of what I do have.....

anterior aspect
anterior aspect of
anterior aspect of the
anterior and posterior

anterior dislocation
anterior drawer sign
anterior drawer test

anterior fontanel
anterior fascicular block
anterior foot draw sign
anterior feet view
anterior hip dislocation
anterior laxity
anterior leaflet
anterior leaf of the broad ligament
anterior leaves of the broad ligament
anterior lip of the cervix
anterior leaflet of the mitral valve
anterior mitral leaflet
anterior mediastinum

anterolateral aspect
anterolateral aspect of
anterolateral aspect of the

anterior posterior
anteroposterior and lateral

anterior rotary drawer test
anterior recurrent tibial artery

anterior sheath
anterior subluxation

anterior tibia
anterior tibial artery
anterior tibial compartment syndrome
anterior tibial
anterior vaginal wall
anterior wall
anterior wall myocardial infarction
anterior wall MI

lateral aspect
lateral aspect of
lateral aspect of the
lateral band
lateral border
lateral borders
lateral border of the
lateral compartment

lateral gutter
lateral horn
lateral mass
lateral malleolus
lateral meniscus
lateral malleolar fracture
lateral myocardial infarct
lateromedial projection

lateral oblique fascia
lateral position
lateral projection
lateral recess
lateral root
lateral shelf
lateral sinus
lateral wall

posterior aspect
posterior aspect of
posterior aspect of the
posterior chamber
posterior horn of the lateral meniscus
posterior horn of the medial meniscus
posterior leaflet

posterolateral aspect
posterolateral aspect of
posterolateral aspect of the
posteromedial aspect
posteromedial aspect of
posteromedial aspect of the

medial aspect
medial aspect of
medial aspect of the
medial angle
mediolateral aspect
mediolateral aspect of
mediolateral aspect of the
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#5 Harrie



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Posted 03 March 2006 - 02:47 PM

Thanks a lot, all. Good to see your posts.

Here are a few, using the Grow method, for anterior.

antcw = anterior chest wall
antap = anterior and posterior
antapy = anteriorly and posteriorly
antai = anterior and inferior
antfom = anterior floor of mouth
antfotm = anterior floor of the mouth
anttt = anterior to the
antdca = anterior descending coronary artery
antda = anterior descending artery
antcot = anterior commissure of the
antpl = anterior parietal lobe
antnp = anterior neck pain
antnt = anterior neck tenderness
antll = anterior lateral leads
antic = anterior internal capsule
antca = anterior cerebral artery
antcd = anterior cervical discectomy
antcdaf = anterior cervical discectomy and fusion
antcf = anterior cervical fusion
antwm = anterior wall motion
antmi = anterior myocardial infarction
antkp = anterior knee pain
antks = anterior knee swelling
antaw = anterior abdominal wall
antapp = anterior and posterior projections
antlotc = anterior lip of the cervix
anttv = anterior tibial vein
antta = anterior tibial artery
antsp = anterior shoulder pain
antsi = anterior shoulder instability

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